In life it is always better to have a plan A and a plan B.
A table is necessary for: writing a letter, placing a vase, showing off a good book, holding up the four-legged friend’s snout, containing a bowl of candies, supporting a tired child, setting up a lazy dinner in front of the TV, ticking off the grocery list, recharging the mobile phone. And if it were not enough? In that case there is plan B!
Brunch, thanks to the knurled end leaf, allows the coupling of a second cantilevered countertop, higher or lower than the table. In this way the support capacity is increased and it is possible to use it either as a low table or as a high base that is arranged above a chair, a sofa or a bed, thus becoming a truly multi-purpose piece of furniture. And then in a family group there is always someone who goes fast and eats a sandwich quickly, leaning for a while, and who can sit more calmly and sip a cup of tea while the images flow to the computer.
Brunch allows many variations: coffee table, table, bedside table or console table. What plan do you have?

technical features

Code 003.1
Designer Vince Castellana
Dimensions lxpxh 125,8x 90x 75 cm
Materials and finishings
horizontal top made of lacquered honeycomb legs and rack in solid beechwood.