An object is not only a physical presence, but also the gestures and functions it generates. Lily is born from the consideration of the retuality of the gestures that some objects determine. In Japan there is a tradition linked to the ancient festival for cherry blossom, where families gather for outdoor picnics and eat meals in the “juubako”, a box containing parts of a meal that represents the ritual linked to a meeting.
Passing from the East to the West, the ritual value of the consumption of meals does not change, although the practices are among the most various, linked to individual cultures.
The question then , becomes, what we consider the most gestural of our ways to consume food today. Lily is the answer: a tray that houses small containers to offer starters, light dinners, delicacies to eat in a moment of pure happiness and rest with friends and relatives. What many today call, not by surprise, "happy hour", happy hour. No wonder also jewel case.


technical features

Code 012
Designer Tomoko Mizu
Dimensions lxpxh 26x 26x 7,4 cm
Materials and finishings
exterior container made of solid daniela walnut, internal elements made of raw beech finishing made of natural beeswax, virgin coconut oil and pure mineral pharmaceutical oil.