terms and conditions

Prices and payment methods

Tutti i prezzi di vendita dei Prodotti indicati all’interno del sito internet /www.desine.it/, They are expressed in Euros and are inclusive of VAT at the current rates.

The shipping costs are free for Italy, in case of any other country Shipping charges are excluded and, where present, They are shown and calculated in the purchase procedure prior to the order and, also, contained in the summary of the order made.

You can pay through the following payment methods:

wire transfer

In order confirmation, the user will receive a summary of the total amount to be paid and the bank coordinates in order to make the payment using the order number as reason. Having ascertained the payment, the order will be activated and shall commence the delivery terms indicated for the different items ordered. The completion of payment will be communicated with an email to the email indicated during registration.

credit card

In cases of purchase of goods with payment through Credit Card, the transaction may be made through the secure server Paypal or other secure server chosen by desine of dallegno.

Under no circumstances and in no payment being desine of dallegno will be able to know the information about the customer's credit card, transmitted via secure connection directly to the bank that handles the transaction. Nessun archivio informatico di desine di dallegno conserverà tali dati e pertanto in nessun caso desine di dallegno potrà essere ritenuta responsabile per l’eventuale uso fraudolento e indebito di carte di credito da parte di terzi all’atto del pagamento.


For the payment can be used by the customer the Paypal circuit according to the specifications of the same mode.



warranty and right of withdrawal


  1. The Products are subject to the safeguards provided for in the Civil Code and, if the Consumer Customer, a quelle previste dagli articoli 128 e ss. of the Consumer Code. The warranty applied to products covers any manufacturing defects or originated by transport and assembly, where these services are expressly agreed by contract.
  2. Ai sensi dell’articolo 129 del Codice del Consumo, la garanzia legale di 24 mesi si applica al Prodotto acquistato dal Cliente Consumatore che presenti un difetto di conformità. A product has a defect of conformity when:
    • It is not suitable for use which normally serves a product of the same type;
    • It does not comply with the description given by the Seller and does not possess the qualities of the product that the seller presented to the customer consumer as a sample or model;
    • It does not have the quality of the usual performance of a product of the same type, that the Consumer Customer can reasonably expect, given the nature of the product and, It is the case, public statements on the specific characteristics of the product was made about them by the Seller, by the Producer or his agent or representative, in particular in labeling advertising;
    • is also not suitable for the particular use desired by the customer Consumer and it was from these brought to the knowledge of the Seller at the time of conclusion of the Contract and that the Seller has also accepted for conclusive facts.
  3. Ai sensi dell’articolo 132 del Codice del Consumo, Customer Consumer subject to revocation is required to report the lack of conformity against two months after its discovery.
  4. Ai sensi dell’articolo 130, comma 3, of the Consumer Code, the Consumer customer can ask his choice to the Seller to repair or replace the Product. Anyhow, repairs will be carried out within a reasonable time from the request, without causing significant inconvenience to the customer Consumer, come previsto dall’articolo 130, comma 5, of the Consumer Code.
  5. If the remedies referred to in the preceding paragraph are impossible or excessively onerous, the Consumer Customer has the right, your scelta, to a reduction of the price or to the eventual termination of the Contract. The resolution of the Contract is however excluded in the case where there has been a lack of conformity is minor for which it was not possible or is excessively costly the remedies of repair or replacement.
  6. They excluded from the warranty defects caused to the product during transport or improper installation, where these are not included in the Contract, from improper or inconsistent with normal intended use of the product, failure to observe the operating and maintenance instructions, from ordinary wear and tear and other circumstances not attributable to the Seller.
  7. The customer is required to read carefully and keep these operating and maintenance instructions supplied with the product before use.

Le condizioni che regolano la Garanzia ed il Diritto di Recesso sono riportate nelle apposite sezioni sottostanti. E’ di fondamentale importanza conservare il documento di acquisto (Invoice or Receipt Tax) in order to demonstrate the applicability of the conditions laid.

right of withdrawal
  1. Ai sensi degli articoli 64 e ss. of the Consumer Code, the Consumer Customer has the right to terminate the Contract, without penalty and without giving any reason, within a period of fourteen (14) working days from receipt of the Product.
  2. The right of withdrawal is exercised by sending, entro i termini previsti dal comma 1, a written notice to the Seller by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. The communication can be sent, within the same period, by telegram, telex, e-mail and fax, provided it is confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within forty-eight hours.
  3. In conformità a quanto previsto dall’articolo 55, comma 2, of the Consumer Code, Customer Consumer may not exercise the right of withdrawal for packaged products to specifications or clearly personalized or which, by their nature, They can not be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly.
  4. Products for which it is exercised the right of withdrawal must be returned to the Seller within fourteen days of receipt, substantially intact, in their original packaging, complete with accessories and any manuals, with nothing missing.
  5. The only expenses due by the Consumer Customer for exercising the right of withdrawal is the direct cost of returning the goods to the Seller, come previsto dall’articolo 67, comma 3, of the Consumer Code.
  6. Upon receipt of the request for withdrawal, the Vendor will refund the full amount paid by the Consumer Customer within thirty days, with bank value in no event more than the fifteenth business day from the date of receipt of notice of withdrawal, by crediting the account used at the time of purchase, or using the bank details provided by the Customer consumer with the cancellation notice.
  7. Il Venditore respingerà conseguentemente qualsiasi Prodotto restituito con modalità e tempi difformi da quanto previsto dagli articoli 64 e ss. of the Consumer Code.


transport and delivery times


transport and assembly

La consegna avviene direttamente a casa vostra and by telephone appointment. This mode also provides for the mounting, where required, the purchased products, operated directly by specialized staff. desine of dallegno will be contacted at the address given to define the day and time that make delivery.

courier delivery of products without mounting

Delivery is through primary courier selected by desine of dallegno. NOT is scheduled assembly service.

delivery time

The delivery times of products are variable and closely related to the time required to produce the part of the collection chosen. Our products, being craft pieces, They are in fact produced in the time it gets a new order.

Moreover also they depend on the place of delivery. The times given are estimates achievable under optimum conditions, which may be subject to change, especially during holiday periods.

Approssiativamente times have:

NOTE: All times given are for days and / or weeks working and when information from payment confirmation.