A trustworthy and reliable chest of drawers made of an unpolished walnut that you would prefer not to touch, if you want to understand how true and wise it is. A piece of furniture where you can keep a secret as if you confessed it to your best friend (and ‘his’ secret is that blue outline that is discovered only by opening the drawers). A piece of furniture where you can place collector’s item, conserve many small pieces of your life, or simply , simply, put things in order. So far, everything is regular. “But the legs, but the legs…" sang a happy jingle. And in fact these are an explosion of strength and joy, rooted to the ground and so strong, able to make the drawers arisen, but also to tell us about the vitality. Like that of the "Two women running on the beach", the Picasso's painting of 1922 to which Turi Aquino thought while he refined exactly those legs. A reference to a natural and primordial force like that of the Greek dancing maenads in the classical world and of free women of all time.


technical features

Code 006
Designer Turi Aquino
chest of drawers
Dimensioni l x p x h 52 x 49 x 92 cm
Materials and finishings
structure and legs made of solid oak with transparent acrylic finishing,, front of drawers made of solid Italian walnut with hemp rope.