Who creates furniture knows that the most complicated challenge is the junction points: mixing two or more elements and doing it harmoniously, without tears or forcing,, is a real art.. What happens, then, if the parts to be joined are of different materials for compactness, tactile effect and form of the inner structure? The work becomes greater, but the result will pay back for every effort. Bacio is the meeting between very different raw materials: the fibrous bamboo, soft, but strong in substance; the pitch stone typical of the surroundings of Ragusa, which tells a lot about the nature of the territory to which it belongs; and, finally, the black metal sheet, cold to the touch, and yet so sturdy, a real prop that supports.
Memories of different geographies are also intertwined on this table: Sicily, in fact, is a land of cultural exchange and its wealth is born precisely from cohesion of many stories that have merged because they have found hospitality here.


technical features

Code 009
Designer Turi Aquino
coffee table
Dimensions lxpxh 129x 99x 32 cm
Materials and finishings
curved black foil with top and leg made of solid bamboo and polished pitch stone top.