A timber with sand tones. A colour that relates wood and sand, two raw materials so different, but also two staircases of space that seem so faraway.
The sand, in fact, remembers landscapes, large areas, unlimited deserts where it is only the wind that makes the part of the builder, generating huge dunes and small waves that gather the surface of the granular expanse.
Wood, instead, is a similar , and familiar material, used for furniture and objects in our home, in a delimited space in which we never feel lost.
Then Dune plays with us and puts the sand in the plate, its variability, the waves that draw it, the memory of its immensity in a limited and functional space. That’s why the imagination has no exact restrictions and univocal points of view. And dreaming of distant places, after all, is a luxury that costs nothing.


technical features

Code 013
Designer Clelia Valentino
Dimensions Øxh 33x 1,9 cm
Materials and finishings
solid oak or Valchromat with transparent acrylic finishing.