A bookcase with an ambitious project: put chaos in order, to give a basic rule that life itself will always try to transgress. The shelves could not make it by themselves and then the letters of the alphabet came to their rescue. Thus the library has also become a sort of card file. But mobile… as fits, in fact, a piece of furniture!
The structure of Font is three modules that turn and rotate on a central pivot, creating many possible configurations. Because even the letters, by combining, create more complex systems like words. And there is no need any support wall for this association effect. Indeed, Font lives well in the middle of a room and separated from the walls, in this way rotating, selecting and organizing becomes a breeze.


technical features

Code 008
Designer Turi Aquino
Dimensions lxpxh 50x 50x 131 cm
Materials and finishings
valchromat structure with transparent acrylic finishing, support made of unrefined iron.