Space or time? Both of them!
Time is measured with minutes, but is represented with centimeters. The shape of time is the circle of a clock. So “let’s take time to eat”.
Oraltempo is a table / wall clock that, thanks to its removable bezel, can be changed in a round table with six seats. But also exactly the opposite.
During the week we rush against the time and then a clock can be our benchmark.. n a clock can be our benchmark. But during the weekend we can get slower and allow ourselves the luxury of a dinner with friends in which we can forget about the time running. Here is that the clock is replaced by the table: same circular shape, different use and way of living it.
Oraltempo is a temporal-space game, a multipurpose object that can make us meditate on the time we give to things, but especially on what we dedicate to people.


technical features

Code 002
Designer Vince Castellana
Dimensions Øxh 129x 79 cm
Materials and finishings
Circular detachable crown, clock and intermediate top in lightened lacquered combinations. Horizontal tabletop in multilayer veneered oak.. Legs in solid oak with transparent acrylic finishing.