A coffee table that behaves like the cell of a beehive,, because togetherness makes strength and this is known by bees as much as designers and architects!
This low table is a single support, but it also creates a possible wider configuration, if different parts are associated.
Tabuli’s strength   is that of the module that can be consolidated,, where the primary geometry becomes a combinable effect, also thanks to the different possibilities of colour.
Each table has three legs, positioned in the middle of the side, so when the tables bump into each other, the legs of one seem to complete the support of the other one and everything takes its exact location.
  Tabuli also has the shape of the city where it was born: Grammichele is one of the two hexagonal urban schemes in Italy, a rare and magical place for this too.


technical features

Code 001
Designer Vince Castellana
coffee table
Dimensions lxpxh 43,3x 50x 35,3 cm
Materials and finishings
horizontal top in Valchromat (yellow / black / green) and legs in solid oak with transparent acrylic finishing.