11_cose of my house

1 May 2018 - Furniture expo

11_cose of my house


001.05.2018 / Maria Giamblanco

Simplicity and exaltation of textural and sensory qualities, strong personality, encounter between skills, crafts and woods

fine! All this is desine.

Today I present desine, the Brand of the Sicilian Dallegno Ltd. has launched a design production linked to

world of furnishings and accessories.

Desine participated for the first time this year at Fuorisalone presenting his new collection of furniture and

complements. The products have as conductor 􀃗lo the use of fine woods from the territory of belonging

company, as well as a small village in eastern Sicily, Granmichele, who could take shape thanks to the mastery

cabinetmakers local craftsmen. They drew the traits Turi Aquino, Giuseppe Arezzi, Tomoko Mizu, Clelia's Day and

Vincenzo Castellana, currently Director of the Art brand.

I immediately appreciated the beauty of this collection and it is a Sicilian brand is even more to tell you about 􀃗era

on my blog.

The basis of the whole project Desine is precisely the context in which it is born, we are in eastern Sicily, in a famous territory

for craft and in a unique city in its kind both for its conformation and its traditions. After the earthquake

in 1693 the inhabitants of Granmichele, survived the earthquake, begin to sculpt statues in terracotta. The skill of

artisans is revealed in all its wisdom, althought with few available resources, He is able to transfer to a soul

material processed.

Since 1901 it was founded an art school to train local artisans 􀃗gli; today the artisans, trained here, know

govern the oldest techniques and the most innovative technological means, with the understanding of their role as interpreters and

co-stars of the submission.

In 1996 he born the collaboration between Francesco Azzolina and Salvatore Mancuso, both experts in woodworking and

together they give life to the company Dallegno. Recently they met Vincenzo Castellana, architect and designer

who understands how the knowledge and processing capacity of the material before the Dallegno we can create a new

way of making project. The main idea is to create furniture able to combine a strong personality and a clear connection with local contexts, together with a broader and more contemporary point of view of the project. Thus, along with several

local and international authors, the Desine project was born. In fact, in fact, It is a project that rediscovers the most natural of instincts

human: building a habitable setting, create functional tools for live and be surrounded by beautiful things and

pleasant. From the encounter between knowledge and ancient materials with contemporary technologies and the design vision was born a

new way to create objects for the life of modern man.

Below I show some items of the collection Desine. (uf􀃗ciale on the site will find many more)


May 1, 2018 edition.

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