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21 Jun 2018 - Furniture expo

20_dis up

Giuseppe Arezzi, a young Italian designer graduated in 2016 with honors at the Polytechnic of Milan, focuses its work on research covering topics anthropological and cultural traditions. His latest creation, "Soloist" is a valet stand for desine brand accurately represents their vision to produce "a typology of objects that disappear from our homes which aims to give new life to this type of objects." Asserts the designer.

"The valet stand is a humble type, clearly functional, made to serve more than to represent. In fact, It works to hold clothes, folding the shirt and trousers, to prepare the night before what will be used the next morning, even small accessories or jewelry that complete the everyday wardrobe. "adds Arezzi.

But "Soloist" is a valet who separated the choir. The piece realized he had his own personality and who could sing his solo. He realizes that it is not invisible and merely servile, but also beautiful and worthy to be appreciated when undressing. And later, like any good solo, He knows how to return to the chorus of domestic landscape and give their silent contribution.


edizione 21 Giugno 2018.

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