When a child grows up and starts crawling and then walking, he is ready to explore his environment. But is the space around him equally prepared? Usually not and what was once a normal home bustle, becomes an obstacle course. Stairs, corridors, kitchens and bathrooms are areas of the house that can hide many hidden danger for a baby and adults cannnot always monitor and block the passage. Not to mention pets that sometimes have to stay at a safe distance or puppies that are, often, just like children.
Mammina is a bollard that allows to close an access and delimit an area of the house. Finally, however, it is a threshold that represents not only a limit, but also a furnishing opportunity. No longer a fixed small gate or a piece of furniture placed crosswise, as a compromise badly managed, but a real piece of furniture designed for this objective and multifunctional at the same time. Mammina, in fact, contains an internal metal shelf that can accommodate plants, but also books and objects of different types.
Giving a ban (of access) has never been so wonderful.


technical features

Code 004
Designer Vince Castellana
child safety gate
Dimensioni lxpxh 110x 30x 90 cm
Materials and finishings
structure made of multilayer veneered in birch with transparent acrylic finishing lacquered hpl stratified sliding panel internal tank made of steel.